Current and Planned Projects

The ISSEA is currently working on or has planned to undertake a number of exciting projects. The following table lists all of these. 

If you would like to get involved in any of these we would love to hear from you. Please do fill out the ISSEA membership form if you haven't already.

Do you have an idea for a project that improves values in society? Please use this form to think about and propose a community EHV project.

EHV Professional development for Sathya Sai School

This has been ongoing for many years. Regular workshops are held with all staff to explore and improve all aspects of EHV at the school and to refresh the understanding of EHV amongst the teachers.

Professional Development Programs for General Teachers

Achieving accreditation by BOSTES NSW (Board of Studies Teaching and Education). We hope to have three accredited units by February 2017.

EHV training of new teachers at Sathya Sai School

This project has been ongoing for many years, and will continue into the future. It is intended to ensure that all teachers have completed the ISSEA SSEHV certificate programme over time.

Development of the SSEHV Direct Method Curriculum for the Sathya Sai Secondary School

The project has commenced and will continue for at least six years until we enrol Year 12 into the secondary school. Experienced secondary school teachers with an understanding of SSEHV from anywhere in Australia are requested to join and help with this project. Please contact Roger Packham if interested.

EHV in Primary school education in Queensland

A Queensland member of ISSEA has been using EHV in direct and indirect ways in his primary class in a government school. He has received awards for his teaching and thanks from parents. Other teachers are encouraged to follow suit.

Indirect EHV in English year 9 curriculum for Victorian High School

A teacher and member of the ISSEA in a Victorian Government high school has incorporated EHV into year 9 English classes, and other teachers are also using the programme. The same teacher has a small group looking at the book “Teach Not Punish” by Margaret Taplin to establish better ways to improve student behaviour. Only one of these teachers is a member of the SSIO. The teacher will be presenting a talk on “Educare” at the forthcoming Victorian teachers’ conference.

Indirect method in Hindu religious education classes

Two volunteer members of the Sydney chapter of ISSEA have incorporated EHV into a prescribed curriculum with their religious education classes in schools. Other members of the SSIO who take such classes are encouraged to follow suit.

Research into the benefits of SSEHV at the Sathya Sai Primary School

This is being conducted in cooperation with Western Sydney University School of Education, a Masters in Philosophy project. Project has commenced and will be ongoing for three years.

EHV Parenting, programmes for the Community

This is aimed at members of the SSIO as well as the general community. It is hoped to commence this Australia-wide later this year if there are people willing to help.

Development of Partnership Schools

Working with the Sathya Sai School, the aim is to develop at least one Partnership school with the Sathya Sai School in all States and Territories. This will be taken up as people become available to assist.

Establishment of ISSEA Chapters around Australia, initially in the major Australian cities

Chapters have been established in Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide. We would ideally like to set these up over the next six months in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane as well, depending on local volunteers. Would interested people please join ISSEA and then contact Roger Packham.

Foundation Unit on the Life and Teachings of Sathya Sai Baba

The first unit for the new ISSEA Certificate Course. This has been released through the National STP team, but also available for SSIO members in isolated areas.

Development of remaining Units for the SSEHV Certificate course

The aim is to develop the rest of the Certificate Course by 23 November 2016. The course is for members of the SSIO as well as the general community

Formal Government Accreditation of the ISSEA as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

The board of the ISSEA has been asked to investigate becoming an RTO so the Certificate can again be offered as a Diploma programme. It is hoped that this can be achieved during 2017.This aspect is being led by the Canberra Chapter of ISSEA

Establishment of a 'Chartres' Labyrinth for Human Values

At the entrance area of the Dungay campus of the Sathya Sai School. This project is being carried out by the SSIO Youth and it is hoped to be completed by July 2017.

EHV and Healthy Ageing Geriatric Workshop for Health Professionals

This was an imitative of the Sai Medical Unit supported by the ISSEA, and members of the Canberra Chapter were the organisers. Its success has led to a decision to make this an annual event. All SSIO members are asked to consider how they might incorporate EHV into their profession areas. ISSEA stands ready to help.

Education Workshop on SSEHV for 20 th anniversary of the Sathya Sai School

Helping to organise am education workshop at the Sathya Sai School to mark the twentieth anniversary of the school. This will be run in conjunction with the Education wing of the SSIO, the teacher training committee of the SSIO and the Sathya Sai School.

Migrant support through EHV in Sports, Information Technology, Cooking etc.

This project is being planned for Sydney, and the Institute Board is keen to spread this wider, including to other States if there are interested people.