Sathya Sai Education

integrity-word-cloudThe most distinguishing feature of this educational system is its philosophy that helping students develop a good character is equal in importance to fostering the development of skills that will help them to earn a good living. It sees education as being ‘for life’ and not merely for eking out a livelihood.

Revolutionary in concept and comprehensive in scope, Sathya Sai educational principles have become a lifelong learning and transformation process for children, men, and women in all parts of the world. Its message to students is:

“The end of Education is character and Education without character is useless.”

EDUCARE: The Philosophy of Sathya Sai Education

The word Educare has its origin in Latin, meaning "to elicit". Educare has two aspects, the worldly and the spiritual. Worldly education brings out the latent knowledge pertaining to the physical world, while Spiritual education brings out the inherent divinity in people. So, both worldly and spiritual education are essential, without which the human life has no value.

The high levels of suffering and anxiety that exits worldwide show no signs of abating, despite continued scientific and technological progress. Persistent conflict, environmental issues and a steady decline in morality are but some of the factors threatening the very survival of humankind. Most serious thinkers would agree that a profound change is needed in the way human beings view themselves and one another. Such an awakening requires an educational model with the capacity to transform the minds and hearts of all people. The educational model that is now prevalent throughout the world needs to be expanded from its emphasis on the secular to encompass the spiritual through the incorporation of human values education.

It is through this awakening of human consciousness that students become cultured and refined. Culture and refinement take them beyond the concerns for personal welfare, to the welfare of all members of society. Such individuals would then be guided by their sense of right and wrong, good and bad, and by what is helpful rather than harmful to others.

Education entails a life-long process of transformation, and needs to strengthen the sacred connections between the individual, the family, the society, and all creation. Sathya Sai Education seeks to promote unity, equality and peaceful co-existence with fellow human beings. It flows from the heart and is termed Educare. The guiding principles of which are:

  1. Divinity is love, and it is the undercurrent of all human values;
  2. Educare elicits the inherent human values and translates them into action in daily life;
  3. The purpose of education is for living a fully human and spiritual life;
  4. The end of education is character and character manifests itself as the unity of thought, word, and deed: Character is reflected in one’s words and overt behaviour.