Jacqui Robinson

Jacqui Robinson (Dip.Ed.(Early childhood) Grad Dip. App.Ling. Diploma of Education in Human Values ISSE (Thailand) is a four year trained teacher in Early Childhood Education with thirty years of extensive teaching experience, inclusive of seven years teaching in remote Aboriginal communities that included providing teacher training to Aboriginal adults. She has experience of the EHV programmes in Sathya Sai Schools in Thailand, England, Scotland and Mauritius. Now retired, it is the author’s desire to pass on her knowledge in the hope that many more children will have the advantage of receiving education in human values included in both their character building at home and in their formal education.

Her book on EHV can be found below, as well as Lesson Plans and Silent Sittings (creative visualization), for when needed in lesson plans. Also a Note to Teachers and the Light Meditation (for older children).