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Dr Margaret Taplin

Dr Margaret Taplin [PhD (University of Tasmania) M.Ed. (University of Tasmania) B.Ed. Diploma of Teaching] spent eight years as a primary school teacher before becoming a lecturer in mathematics education at the University of Tasmania in 1987.  She has also worked in the Centre for Mathematics Education at the Open University (UK) and the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Hong Kong.  Her research interests have included gender issues in mathematics education, problem-solving with school-aged children and pre-service teachers, computer-assisted instruction, and problem-based learning.

Margaret participates in the promotion of education in human values at all levels of education , and is also interested in alternative approaches to health founding the Hei Chaung (Energy Field) Massage approach to maintaining physical and emotional well-being through the human energy field.  She is an author of many articles and books. Margaret's main sporting interest is triathlon competition. A selection of her books and articles on EHV can be found here.

Jacqui Robinson

Jacqui Robinson is a four year trained teacher in Early Childhood Education with thirty years of extensive teaching experience, inclusive of seven years teaching in remote Aboriginal communities that included providing teacher training to Aboriginal adults. She has experience of the EHV programmes in Sathya Sai Schools in Thailand, England, Scotland and Mauritius. Now retired, it is the author’s desire to pass on her knowledge in the hope that many more children will have the advantage of receiving education in human values included in both their character building at home and in their formal education.

Her book on EHV can be found here, as well as Lesson Plans and Silent Sittings (creative Visualization), for when needed in lesson plans. There is also a Note to Teachers and the Light meditation (for older children).

Nalini Taneja

Dr Nalini Taneja - Ph.D, MSW, M.I.R., M.A., B.A. has more than 20 years of global experience in education, teaching, communications and program leadership, including eight years of success in International and Regional agencies working in the fields of Education, and Health. She has worked in India, Oman, South Korea and Australia. Her 2014 book “I am enough” is aimed at young adults and is based on Education in Human Values.