Assisting the Sathya Sai School to develop an EHV curriculum for years 7-12

ISSEA is the primary provider of professional development for the teaching staff of the Sathya Sai School in the pedagogy of Sathya Sai Education.

At present ISSEA is working with the Education Sub-committee of the Sai School Board to assist in meeting the new challenge of developing a direct method EHV curriculum for years 7-12 of the Sathya Sai High School. These challenges are different to those that existed before and have been successfully met for the Sathya Sai primary school.

ISSEA has recently created a team to develop this project for the Sathya Sai High School that includes professional teachers who are also experienced in EHV. Currently three of these come from Adelaide and one from the Blue Mountains, together with the Education sub-committee of the Sai School board that includes the School Principal Leelah Broughton. More recently the group has been joined by Dr Margaret Taplin who will bring her experiences of doing this in schools in China and elsewhere.

ISSEA would like to expand the group and ideally would like to have small teams from all the major cities to optimise the expertise available and spread the workload. Are you, or do you know professional teachers experienced in EHV in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Canberra who could join this initiative? If so please join, or encourage others to join the ISSEA and let us know members expertise and interest. This will be a long-them project lasting at least six years, but you can join for shorter periods if you wish.