We Need Volunteers

For ISSEA to achieve our vision we need the help of interested members of the SSIO, especially those with training in SSEHV. It is for this that Dr Pal Dhall led the training of over two hundred diploma holders since 1998. Now is the time for these skilled individuals and others who have the knowledge or who are willing to go through ISSEA courses to acquire that knowledge, to step forward.

Which of the ISSEA projects or programmes would YOU like to be a part of?
Are there other projects YOU want to bring to ISSEA, or want to develop with the help of ISSEA?

Write and tell us please, or become a member.

Specifically: ISSEA is looking to fill the following vacancies – Could YOU do any of these?

  1. ISSEA Secretary - initially to maintain the database of members and to handle all website and general enquiries and if necessary people, together with general record keeping.
  2. Administrative personnel - to help with correspondence and document presentations.
  3. Website Admins - to help maintain and improve the ISSEA website keeping it an up-to-date and useful resource. A background in IT or Computer Science would be a bonus, but anyone with an interest in technology and/or design can contribute in significant ways. Plus, it's a great opportunity to learn.
  4. ISSEA Registrar - to manage all course matters, including for the Certificate Courses, the Professional Development Courses and others.
  5. Chapter Leaders - for each State, who would locally manage course matters and also maintain local communications and meetings of ISSEA members. This person would operate with a State team.
  6. State Leaders and Teams for the Good Parenting programmes - to deliver this programme across Australia to both members of the SSIO and community groups. There would be a National Good Parenting programme leader, and State-based leaders to present existing material developed with parents at the Sathya Sai School by Bob and Roz Malloy, with ideas from Dr Dhall’s books. These workshops and materials would be reviewed and continuously improved in the light of the experience of using them.
  7. Assistance with Visa for Australia - We have an exceptionally well qualified person wanting to migrate to Australia (she has studied and lived here and has family here) and is willing to voluntarily assist ISSEA in many ways.  She is currently working in India for the Vidya Vahini programme, and has a PhD in values education.  Due to age constraints she must get the visa in 2016.  ISSEA need someone to manage this process and facilitate whatever need doing. We are very keen to get her here.
  8. Support for any of the existing projects in any capacity and to any extent you wish to nominate.
  9. SSIO members to bring creative ideas for additional projects of interest to themselves to help take SSEHV to the Australian community to meet the vision and goals of the ISSEA.

ISSEA is looking forward to your involvement.